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It took an unexpected tragedy to transition my life. That transition took me down a road of self-discovery. Ultimately I came to the decision to take a break and put myself first. Which lead me to rediscover parts of myself that were lost from putting everyone else before myself!

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My Story

It took an unexpected tragedy to transition my life.  That transition took me down a road of self-discovery and inner work.  I begin questioning everything.  From what had I done with my life up until that point?  Ultimately what I ended up discovering was my true self.


That tragedy forced me to stop and assess.  I had just turned 36 and a huge turning point in a girl's life.  I was on the cusp of entering the last phase of my thirties.  Preparing myself mentally that 40 was around the corner.


I never was the girl that sat and planned out her life by society's standards. You know the list…by this age you should be married and this age kids.  Nope, I wasn’t that girl.  I did however have certain career ambitions and dreams.  I learned coming out of college the quick realities of the real world to get there.


Throughout my life, I extended my hand to help others along the way.  I must admit my kind heart caused me to overextend.  Eventually, I found myself burnt out with nothing left to give.  Then tragedy hit all at once when a close friend passed away untimely.


Honestly, it was the RESET I needed to assess my own foundation.  I had to take a hard look at my life from my career, friends, activities, inner circle and village.  Were they in alignment with my goals, life plans and the lifestyle I wanted for myself? Were they adding value to my happiness joy and peace? Sadly the answer was NO!


I begin to understand why I was at such a stalemate in life.  I journeyed on a much-needed break.  I needed some time to heal and rediscover LaTonya.


There comes a time in life when you have to put yourself first and do what’s best for you!  I’ve always been a confident individual.  Especially when it comes to owning who I am and self-expression.  Throughout life, I found I was always playing the role of helping others discover their own inner confidence and show up as themselves. I came to a point where I realized if I’m going to serve in this capacity with my time and devotion. Then it has to serve me as well.


I developed my At Her Best Style program to encourage women to put themselves first.  While helping them uncover what makes them unique!  While redefining their own SELF-IMAGE, and STYLE!  Through the art of self-discovery, self-expression and empowerment.

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