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Enhancing Your Self-Image Versus Changing

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When I turn on the television, listen to the radio or stroll through social media. I’m reminded on a daily basis just how much the world has changed. It saddens me the images of womanhood the young ladies have today to emulate. Some ladies spend hours on newsfeeds viewing these images. These images are being embedded within their minds resulting in a lack of appreciation and value in their own self-image. Our girls are too concerned with looking like what’s trending. When the catch-22 is that’s not even reality. They are too focused on these women's lives. That they can’t enjoy and embrace their individuality. We should all strive to be at our best! Within the last decade, women have been taught to cover, conceal and sculpt their imperfections. Society is teaching our girls to cover their insecurities. What we are seeing are walking copies, duplicates, and Xerox versions of unauthenticity. When you view it from a different perspective the world is teaching us not to love ourselves.

We have to teach our girls what a true representation of a positive self-image looks like. As an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist, I stress the importance of loving your true authentic self with my clients. They should be able to look in the mirror and love what is staring back at them. When they are stripped of all make-up, accessories, hair extensions or clothing. In fact, we don’t even get into the styling aspect until I’ve taught them how to maximize their inner confidence. When you feel great about yourself on the inside that confidence beams on the outside. This in return makes the clothing look great!

Here is the difference

There is a huge difference between enhancing versus changing. Make-up was created to enhance what you already have. It’s not a tool to completely change your look. The technique of contouring was created for performers within the theater. Contouring is applied so that the performers’ facial expressions can be seen amongst the audience from afar.

Eyelashes are okay long as they are worn properly. Eyelash extension's general purpose is for editorial, television, special occasions, and photoshoot purposes. Today eyelash extensions have gone to the extreme. Women don’t properly take care of them or overextend the wear. They risk losing their own natural lashes. Then what happens is the lashes now become a cover-up to conceal the lashes they no longer have.

Remember everything else is a bonus

I can recall when an earlier crush of mine met me. He saw me when I had my hair down and curled and I had on make-up. One day he saw me out and I had on cheerleading shorts, a t-shirt, and my hair was pulled back in a ponytail off my face. The only make-up I had on was lip gloss. I will never forget the look on his face. He stopped smiled and stared in amazement. His face said it all. He kept complimenting me. After that day he would let it be known how much he loved my hair pulled back!

I guess all he wanted to see was LaTonya without all the other add-ons. He accepted me for who I was and everything else was just a bonus that comes with “The Lady L Experience!”

Love and Grace,

Lady L

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